Miranda Vukasovic
Passionate about enriching visual narratives with the magic of sound, I center my career on music for films and scenic environments.

Carte Blanche (2023)

Music for Iris Van Herpen’s Carte Blanche, launched at the Paris Haute Couture week.

“Gautier and two models with diving experience perform arresting underwater dances with Van Herpen’s printed silks and laser-cut fronds swaying around them, creating a hypnotic choreography that speaks of fortitude, resilience and invincibility. Stirring original music by composer Miranda Vukasovic heightens the emotional poignancy.”

—Miles Socha

Ama (2020)

Music for Ama, by Julie Gautier

“Miranda's music is infinitely rich and her approach is authentic. She doesn't try to please. She delivers herself. She explores. She feels and makes us feel.”

—Julie Gautier

The Temple (2021)

Installation, Beijing

”Out of her inexhaustible source of inspiration, she opens up new dimensions for dance theater and enriches the stage with sensational emotional landscapes.”

—Valentina Turcu