Born in Zagreb and shaped around the globe, Miranda’s musical journey reflects her skills and connections. She’s the founder of The Radiance, a collective merging Eastern and Western sounds known for the The Temple, a blend of storytelling and cinematic ambiance recorded by Grammy-winning producer Jeff Bova and Ned Douglas in The Temple, a 600-year-old Buddhist temple in Beijing. Miranda composed music for the filmmaker Julie Gautier and her mesmerising underwater dance Ama. In 2023, she composes and performs the music for the film Carte Blanche by fashion star Iris Van Herpen. She won the Best Classical Act Award by Show4Me (UK) in 2022 and Best Instrumental Song by Akademia Music Awards (USA) in 2018.
Miranda holds a MA in Design & Creative Urban Planning, Polytechnic of Milano, and her creative endeavours extend beyond music, often leading to collaborations for audio visual productions and site-specific performance, such as Marc Quinn’s Under the Skin, at The Central Academy of Fine Art Museum in Beijing.
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